While working on a BFA in furniture design, I received a set of carving knives as a gift. I fell in love with wood carving the first time I used them.

I love the way wood feels and its ability to be transformed into almost any shape or form. It’s a durable, renewable resource that stands the test of time and only gets better with age.

I use a process called chip carving on most of my pieces. Chip carving is one of the oldest forms of woodcarving and uses knives or chisels to remove slices or “chips” from the wood surface. It’s done entirely by hand.

A lot of wood carving today can done made with machines. However, chip carving doesn’t allow for any shortcuts.

I make every single cut by hand. As a result, chip carving is a very time-intensive process. I find the process meditative, however, and I take pride in carrying on a tradition of wood carving that humans have been doing for thousands of years.

In addition, I also enjoy designing and building furniture, watercolor painting, and wildlife photography.